FoRBLN Toolkit for African Parliamentarians

This Toolkit has been designed by consortium members with African parliamentarians in mind.  The FoRBLN primer is a briefing document that gives parliamentarians an introductory overview of FoRB.  The ‘What is FoRB?‘ toolkit 1 provides more detail of the international legal norms and human rights dimensions of FoRB.  The ‘Why is FoRB important?‘ toolkit 2 gives practical examples and explanations as to why FoRB remains an important dimension in the work of championing human rights.


What is FoRB – Toolkit 1_Website


The Jinnah Institute was commissioned to produce a series of vlogs and podcasts with experts and influencers to assist parliamentarians, faith and belief leaders and wider civil society reflect on presenting challenges to FoRB in Pakistan.


The International Commission of Jurists was commissioned to prepare country reports on FoRB as part of the FoRBLN activity and reports on Pakistan and Uganda will be published in 2021.


AfriPAHR has been working within the FoRBLN consortium to develop the network and to offer advice and guidance.  Tools can be dowloaded from the regional hub of the IPPFoRB at


The Danish Institute for Human Rights has produced a series of expert briefings exploring the intersection of FoRB and the UN Sustainable Devleopment Goals.  These briefings will be published in 2021 and will form the basis of a webinar series on the issues raised in the briefings.

Speaker presentations from all the High-level Dialogue are also available to listen.

A series of Learning Blogs have also been produced to capture some of the insights from the individual Dialogues.